Why should you book direct through – So City Hotel Malta – website?

Soooo Many Reasons.

1. It is cheaper. Price Guaranteed.
Booking through OTAs (online Travel Agents is higher in price due to the commission paid to the websites. When booking direct, you are guaranteed that you have the best price without any hidden fees.

2. Your reservation is confirmed directly and securely.
When you book through our website, you booking is confirmed in our system automatically. Hence, you are to feel safe that there are no hick-ups in your reservation.

3. Direct Contact.
You’ll have direct contact with So City hotel. Personalised information and emails about your reservation and other add on options will be sent to your through [email protected] on your personal email, which you can directly reply to. The staff would be in direct contact with you for any customer support such answering and resolving any queries that you might have. We would directly assist any incident management without having to contact and wait for other third-party communication

4. You are our First Priority.
When booking direct with us, you are serving your loyalty and we give our upmost to repay you by prioritising your reservation for any available complementary upgrades and early check-in / late check-out availability also for for any request for special arrangements.

5. Promotions and Coupon Codes for your future stay.
Book directly through our website gives you future perks. Unlike through third-party online travel agents, you are requested to proceed with your booking by giving your personal email address. Which is logged in our database so you can receive promotional codes and get further discounts for your stay.

6. Faster Check-In
Your reservation is given a direct reservation number which is easily accessible through the front desk without third party communication.